Caring for Leather Products

Caring for Leather Products

    Products made from genuine leather are objects made from natural ingredients and are preserved by chemical processes. But of course there are limitations to its resistance to weather or certain conditions. Many factors can cause damage to the durability of leather products, including weather or humidity, especially during the rainy season / exposure to water, mold, exposure to sweat when used, or other liquid objects.

    So, Here are some alternative ways or tips for caring for / maintaining skin-based products to keep them durable and clean;

1. Wipe with a soft cloth / brush soaked in warm water.
2. Wipe with polish / special skin polishing products that have been made specifically for leather products.
3. Wipe with an anti-fungal product that can be obtained from a skin chemical agent.
4. Make a habit of storing leather products in a dry place, not covered (there is air circulation and do not be wrapped in plastic materials.
5. Store leather products with their customized packaging.

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