Leather Tanning Process Scheme

Leather Tanning Process Scheme

WoViVoW Leather Crafts and Tanning, Discussions on crafts and tanning have interrelated elements. The products produced from tanning will be in the form of handicrafts in the form of bags, wallets, belts, souvenirs, accessories, etc. According to the title of the post above, here is a brief reference about the Tanning Process

The first time to determine the material / type of leather that will be processed, including; Reptiles, Stingrays, Fish Skins, etc. Of course, different chemical formulations/recipes are needed. .

1. First Stage SORTATION
Selection of leather quality raw materials based on Grade. Good quality leather is leather that is preserved by salting (NACL), leather is not perforated / torn. Fresh colored flash tends to be white and even.

2. Thinning Stage, Skiving/Flashing
At this stage the skin is thinned according to the thickness we want

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